Holistic Development

To focus the holistic development of a downtrodden child .

Bring up the students

Bring up the students by inculcating spiritual and moral values.

To provide effective

To provide effective Academic education for the students.

Welcome to Al-Hudha Orphanage ,a shelter for orphans

Al-Hudha Orphanage, a shelter for orphans, widows and destitute children has been rendering its sincere humanitarian service since 18th September 1994 within a short period the number of orphans and poor destitute children has crossed 450 children. The Orphanage was run by Jamiyathu Ahlil quran val Hadees and recognized by Social Welfare Department, Government of Tamilnadu.

We, provide our children with good food, nice clothing, modern buildings and room . The prime aim of the orphanage is to equip each inmate capable of standing on his feet acquiring modern knowledge as well as religious education along with acquiring expertise in any professional or vocational trade.

“… They ask you concerning Orphans, Say: The best thing to do is what is for their good, if you mix their affairs with yours; they are your brothers…” (Al Quran 2:220) The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “The sponsor of an orphan and I will be like these in paradise (Showing his index finger and middle finger very close) (Saheeh ul Bukhari : 4892)

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For an orphan boy, the monthly expenses are Rs 4000/month and Rs 48,000/year.

For an orphan girl, they are Rs 4500/month and Rs 54000/year.

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💳 *ICICI A/C No. 6132 0120 5878*
(K.K. Nagar Branch)
IFSC code : ICIC0001563
💳 *IOB A/C No. 0467 0200 0000 066*
(JMC Branch)
IFS code : IOBA0000467
💳 *Gpay*- 9443154648

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Just call at 0431-2340447 to make a donation

Our Institutions

Alhudha Home for boys

Alhudha Home For Girls

Al-Hudha Boys’ Hostel

Al-Hudha Girls’ Hostel

Al-Hudha Home for Widows

Al-Hudha Administrative office

S.S.V Primary School

Al-Hudha Hr. Sec School

Al-Hudha Hifz Madrasa

Islahiya Arabic College for men

Islahiya Arabic College for women

Al-Hudha Library & Computer Center