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The Al-Hudha orphanage run by Jamiyyathu Ahlil quran Val Hadees (JAQH) framed its own bye-law with rules and regulations and it was registered under the Social welfare act under the Registration No Reg No : 2468/CW-2/2010. The Orphanage presently consists of 35 executive members .The orphanage submits its report on change of members in the executive committee and also audited statements of Accounts for each financial Year. We have got registration under Section 12A (a) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and has been assigned Registration No.____ . Income Tax Returns with audited Statements of Accounts and other Statements are filed annually before the Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, Trichy. The orphanage is also registered under Juvenile Justice (law and Protection of Children) Act____ No: ____ Moreover, the orphanage has applied for the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) and expecting it very soon

Many philanthropists came forward to help the society in building hostels for the Orphans. In the beginning there were only 11 Orphans in the institution. It gradually developed and few more buildings came up and nowadays this has become a home for the Orphans both Girls and Boys. The Institution also became well-known center of learning. At present the total strength of the inmates is 450(180 Boys and 270 Girls). Special care and attention is being given for the improvements of the living standards and educational facilities of the inmates

Al-Hudha Orphanage, a shelter for orphans, widows and destitute children has been rendering its sincere humanitarian service since 18th September 1994 within a short period the number of orphans and poor destitute children has crossed 450 children. The Orphanage was run by Jamiyathu Ahlil quran val Hadees and recognized by Social Welfare Department, Government of Tamilnadu.

We, provide our children with good food, nice clothing, modern buildings and room . The prime aim of the orphanage is to equip each inmate capable of standing on his feet acquiring modern knowledge as well as religious education along with acquiring expertise in any professional or vocational trade.

Aims and Objects of the Orphanage:

  • 1 In order to protect and educate the uncared poor orphans of the community having no parents or guardians, and will be admitted in this orphanage from the age of 5 to 11 and providing them with food, clothes, shelter and education (both religious and worldly), enabling them to become well disciplined, righteous and patriotic citizens of India.
  • 2 The destitute and down trodden children who bereave any of the parents or who have both the parents alive too much poor or sick and unable to look after them and forsaken children by the parents taken to child labour or wandering in streets most uncared are also will be given shelter to certain percentage as per the decision of the E.B
  • 3 To establish professional and Technical Educational, moral institutions and colleges for the welfare of orphans and destitute.
  • 4 To strive for providing the orphans will all useful knowledge, so that they can survive in the modern competitive world after leaving the orphanage.
  • 5 To bring out publications, conduct seminars, workshops, study classes and research activities for the benefit of the orphans.
  • 6 To transact the movable or immovable properties for the growth and development of the orphanage and the construction of the buildings and maintenance, And also to carry out all lawful transactions
  • 7 To make steps for improving the financial status of the orphanage to meet the day-today expenses maintenance and developments.
  • 8 To approach the state and central Governments helping societies and individuals to get assistance for the growth and maintenance of the orphanage.
  • 9 Every activity of the orphanage should be according to the public policy and guidelines of Jamiyyathul Ahlil Quran Val Hadees, Tamilnadu. Reg.No: 105/89. All properties of the orphanage are belonged to JAQH Tamilnadu.
  • 10 This orphanage is entitled to carry out all righteous activities according to the tenets of the Holy Quran and Sunnath of the Holy prophet (sal).

Our Mission

Ensure the self reliance

Ensure the self reliance of the students resulting in the well being and the progress of their families.

Nurture the students

Nurture the students for the total development of the society and the nation as a Whole.

Identify and mould

Identify and mould the students who can be the leaders of tomorrow.and the nation as a Whole. a Whole.

Enjoy learning

Enjoy learning and start doing better at school Enjoy learning

Have a positive identity

Have a positive identity and self-worth

Enjoy new experiences

Enjoy new experiences Enjoy learning

Our Vision

Holistic Development

To focus the holistic development of a downtrodden child .

Bring up the students

Bring up the students by inculcating spiritual and moral values.

To provide effective

To provide effective Academic education. spiritual and moral values spiritual and moral values